trailers and expression

if you are the right one
if you are the person in my dream
if you are all about i thought
if you are the one that send by god to me
if you are what i need
if you are part of my life
if you are really exist
all i wanted to say is 'where are you'?
every seconds of my life is all about you
every blood that flow in my vein never forget about you
i am not trying to be a poet
i am trying to deliver the message of life
life about me and you
but who am i and who are you?

saturday,october 9th
kina,5.17 am
wake up call.


Anonymous said...

best lar baca ni,
sweet jer kot.
utk sapa ni?

ajim said...

romantik gila kau.
haha.utk aku ke? ;D