tadi aku bukak web malaysia kini..ingat web nie utk politk jer ke?ade gak isu2 lain.tapi tadi aku just bace tentang pengunaan nama Allah oleh kaum lain.bgi aku,aku xsetuju kot..kalau yg lain setuju tu terpulanglah.itu kan hak individu.ceyh berdiplomatik pulak.haha.nie aku just copy&paste jer.korang baca jelar yer.=P

The controversy around the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims continues to drag on and is still hot. A large section of people are angry, the government has lost direction and principle, and Umno leaders are clearly confused.

As we know, the Allah controversy has its root in the condition imposed by the Home Ministry, through the permit it issued for the publication of the Herald, a Catholic newspaper, forbidding it from using the word Allah for God

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