holidays is bitterswwet.

who says holiday is great?naah.1 day before holiday(at school)"friends do u know what i feel right now,tomorow is holiday and we're going to be free"..when the time come.."why holiday is like hell boring" me, it happen =)..but this problem is not happen in my life.hha..for me,holiday mean u can do whatever u want.last week i just hangout with my family and friends same goes to this week my family and i will be away for family getaway at Phuket.yeah,cant wait for first i want to pay a visit at my aunty house in brisbane,australia,then my daddy said "no,u can do that after spm"..i just miss my cousins, alex and's ok larh kan.hha.after the phuket visit i will have to go to 'Kaedah Mokhdar'.havent heard of this before?i think it teach us about math and blarblarblar.from 20-27..and on 27 too i have to rush to go to port dickson for family holiday of my dad office..then i just have to get ready for school opening.GOSH!i dont like this one.haha.that is how im going to spend my holiday.=)..and i will have my nikon d80 another 2weeks.thanks dad!

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