i drive myself crazy

it's quite long since i last updated my blog.a month maybe?i dont calculate all those.=).well,exam is over and im so over like hell excited to be freedom about a few months before spm(2010)..how i should spend my holiday is not the matter but the matter is where is the place that i should go with friends to hang out..it's a normal life as a youth i think..i already watch the film name jennifer's body..megan fox is damn hot..but she suck..haha..about the final exam that is so freakin hard..yeah it was..i dont know what my result would be..to get flying colours is out of my mind but i just hope to pass all..2012 will be on the cinema soon enough..overall the story is tellin us about the end of the world..haha..are u guys sure the Resurrection will be like what they are imagine..stupid kot..the 'day' must be very.arh i dont know..lets left the story behind and continue with life..life is a journey but where it is headin to i got no idea bout that..i just got to know this girl in the early february..no need to mention about her name..at first,she just doin ok with us..but after few months i noticed the changes in herself..she being to over and its such a jerk and annoying enough..peoples start to hate her..but is that our fault to hate and to ignore her after what she done.one thing for sure is,people makes mistakes.alot.whatever.okey continue later.can't wait for new moon..robert pattinson is hot and gorgeous..wanna be urs.haha

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