path vs obstacle

hey!malam ni 10 malam terakhir ramadhan..meh lar kita tingkatkan amal ibadat yeah??hha.that means we're gettin near to SYAWAl..can't wait to celebrate it..but it's better if this coming raya is like before..=('s ok larh!make it going guys..about the title "path vs obstacle",actually when we're going further or gettin older we have to choose our own path and make our own decission too..difficult isn't it?yeah!for me it was..i been through hard and easy life time.but as we choose our own path there are also obstacles.betul kan apa aku cakap??setuju je lar ye..hha..sometine life is just upsetdown..whatever exam is just around the corner..i do hate my student life.penat betul.

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