Dean and Sam

today,on my post im going to talk about my favourite loveable drama call SUPERNATURAL..i like to watch this drama since im in form1 maybe..i follow from the season 1 now it's already in season 5.hte role players in this drama is Jensen Ackles which i really love and Jared Padalecki..they're so gorgeous and hot..this drama is about the two boys who against the spirit.something like ghostbuster kot??i like the way they fight with this devil..if we can see that witch doctor use black pepper,rice and salt in order to cure or to heal the problems so in this dram they do the same thing but in christian they use holy water but we as a muslim often use 'air yasin'.i like to watch this drama rather than harry potter even this is my fav film.haha.yeah,how i much like this film.and i just bought all the supernatural's all 3.i can't watch the season 5 yet cause im still not finish the season 4 which i just download from ares o don't know whether it's illegal or not..=).school is reopening tomorrow.say hello to school all.hha.hate school.

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Miezah Ghani said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhh ! supernatural ! LIKE <3