happy 17th Ramadhan!

hey all..it's already 17th ramadhan..yeah!i can't wait for raya..hha.puasa pun belum habis lagi..whatever larh kan..this tuesday will be a big day for students who sittin for UPSR,so gudluck yeah!especially to my cousin.dude,do u ever watch this program call "House Of Carter"?The pop star Nick Carter gathers his brother and three sisters under one roof to repair the family and face the future together. The siblings had become distant since the divorce of their parents in 2004.i'm in love with this two brothers.ceh!tamak betul.hha.hot stuff lol.i like aaron carter since im in standard 1 because of his song.try look up his music video tittle "I'M GONNA MISS YOU FOREVER".there's nothing i want to talk about.bye for now yeah!.owh, do leave me something on the chatbox ok.=)

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