childhood??what is childhood??do u own ur childhood life time??i really miss my past previous time..i can't turn the time but i still got the memories.a my childhood,thanks yeah for the sweet memories.friends,do u still remember when we had the BBQ behind the mosque??hha..kami ke surau bukan utk solat tapi untuk BBQ =).and do u still remember when we play firecracker then it spread all over the place.but it was before kan??now it's totally different.we have our own life and carier.the saddest thing is,we're just not like before where we can sit together and chatting till midnight..we all grown up so fast.arh!all the time u're in my mind.we play together,sleep together?tipu lar's like heaven to have such a good friends.sometimes,we bumb into each other,but we act like there's nothing.ego sunguh diri ni.naah!i also don't know why.hurm.that's all from me..btw,i wanna wish u friends,Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir dan fizikal saja.haha.batin?xde kot.maaf jika ada yg terasa hati terkecik hati or ter2 lagi lar kan.. (",)

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