stupid survey

1.You won the lottery:
i never bought one..its haram lol.=)

2.You caught your BF/GF is cheating you with your best friend:
get near to him..and say loudly "we clash"..hha

3.You saw someone hitchiking on highway:
just pretend u don't see it..easy rite?

4.You caught a friend stealing from you:
why should i care about it??im rich enough..hha

5.You witnessed a murder:
whoa.i'll ask the murderer to kill me next..

6.A random stranger offered you ice cream: stomach is already full..polite enough?

7.MySpace is closed:
its okey,i still have my facebook.

8.You learned that there wont be internet anymore: im gonna live my life?

9.You learned your best friend has a crush on you:
pity on him lol..hha

10.You found a wallet without an ID and fully loaded with $$$$:
its is worthing but not ID.yea.blink2.

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