NO TITLE not sure bout what im goin to type on this post..let's talk about life kot..yeah!i already got the life so far so good??ouh,i never talk about my famiy isn'it?okay,i have 7 siblings..and great parents too..sometimes i realize that i never appreciate them much.huh..memang durhaka larh,people make mistakes kan??so do i..sorry mommy and daddy.i love both of u vey much..esok daddy's day kan?..i wish u a better life dad..u are the amazing daddy that i ever had..thanks for everything..u means alot to us[family]..maybe i won't say all this infront of u because of my shyness.shit!=( the eldest daughter in the family..and im totally sure my parents want the best from me..but untill today idk if i had give my best or not..sigh* long as im still breath i will never ever let u down..this i promise u..i do love my family very much,but idk whether they love me or not.huhu.kenapa aku menangis ni??its come from deep inside my heart..i really mean it..its been three weeks i kept silent with my mom for some reason..i want to say sorry but idk how..arghh.stupid.stupid.why me GOD??why there are to many problems that i have to face on??im not stronger enough to take this obstacle..huh..YA ALLAH..ringankanlah beban ku ini..hamba tidak mampu lagi..i pretend to be that nothing is happening,,but inside im dying,,inside im crying and im the failure..

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