well,there are about 1000 and more languages in this world..yea,today on my post im goin to talk about some other language ofcoz it won't be malay and english but SPANISH..i hope to coping well in this language.guys try sebut perkataan ini's main for the romantic couple kot..naah..
  • te amo=i love u
  • te necessito=i need you
  • te echo de menos=i miss you
  • tu eres mi nina=you are my girl
  • completar mi mundo=you complete my world
  • tú eres mi alma=you are my soul

now we gonna learn in GERMAN..

  • tú eres mi alma=i love you
  • ich brauche dich =i need you
  • ich vermisse dich =i miss you
  • Du bist mein Mädchen=you are my girl
  • Sie mein Mädchen=you complete my world
  • Sie sind meine Seele=you are my soul

that's all for today..terima kasih murid2.hha


the Avant-Garde said...

"GERMAN = i love you" and "SPANISH = you are my soul" are same??

kina_licious said...

hha..typin error..sorry,,
cikgu kurang bertauliah.